The Religious Skeptic

My reader, are you a religious skeptic? do you disbelieve the truth of Christ’s resurrection from the grave? Ponder, I beseech you, honestly, calmly, this, one fact- the willingness of the apostles to suffer loss, persecution, and death for their belief of this truth. Who was it that supported these apostles in the fiery furnace which they endured for their faith in this doctrine? It was by no natural, no human power and courage that they were sustained. They were suffering for Christ, and they were fortified, strengthened, and upheld by Christ. Do you think that God would become a party to a lie? that Christ would lend Himself to the propagation of a fiction? that the Holy Spirit would impart might, energy, and fortitude to men who were seeking to palm a falsehood upon the world? And yet to this monstrous, this awful conclusion you must come, if you deny the cardinal doctrine of the Christian faith-the resurrection of Christ from the dead.

The Tree of Life

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