The Reformed Quotes Fellowship

I have teamed up with Nick Uva of The Daily Spurgeon and Erik Kowalker of J.C. Ryle Quotes and have begun an online group entitled The Reformed Quotes Fellowship.

From our “About” page:

The Reformed Quotes Fellowship exists to bring together those of us throughout the internet who have created and administer websites, blogs, and other media outlets that are dedicated to routinely posting past quotes from writers, preachers, teachers, and scholastics of the reformed faith. The Fellowship is simply a gathering of such like minded people who wish to see the fame of Christ spread throughout the internet by the use of God glorifying, cross centered, gospel rich, and unashamedly reformed quotes from saints of the past and present.

This Fellowship also serves to encourage, strengthen, and edify her members who have so chosen to establish these sites. By coming together in the common bond of Christ our Savior, we shall show Christ honoring unity as we stand together to reclaim the dark recesses of the internet to the glory of God our Father and his Son the Lord Jesus Christ.

If you too have a website, blog, Facebook fanpage, or Twitter account that you use to post theologically reformed quotes on a routine basis, wouldn’t you please consider standing with us?


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