Win A Jonathan Edwards “Resolutions” Poster

Last week I made a brief mention that I would have a few giveaways this week to be had here at The Archive. Well, today is the day!

I have been asked by my good friend and fellow blogger Jacob Abshire if I would be interested in giving away 2, count’m 2, brand new, freshly released Jonathan Edwards “Resolutions” posters to readers of this blog to help promote his vision and mission. I do not normally do things like this (offer items here that are not directly related to Winslow), but the cause for which these posters are being produced absolutely sold me and I thought it would be a great benefit to you, the reader, to win one.

Not familiar with the 70 resolutions? Here is a brief intro from website established to help promote the poster and the cause:

“These are the inspired words that begin the 70 Resolutions of Jonathan Edwards, a man who was determined to never “lose one moment of time,” but to live with all his might to the glory of God. With his heart set on the eternal purposes of God, Edwards was, “Resolved, that I will do whatsoever I think to be most to God’s glory and to my own good, profit, and pleasure, in the whole of my duration.”

These posters are top quality prints that are sure to not only spur you onward in truth and godliness, but will also look super smashing on your study or office wall! Some brief details on the print details are as follows:

“Beautifully designed to look like the original document, each poster is printed on a latex infused matte paper with eco-solvent inks that add to its vintage appeal.”

In other words, they are not the usual junky posters you’re used to seeing at your local superstore. These posters are made to last and to last for years to come. To see the entirety of the poster, click here.

The posters come in two sizes. A “full size” traditional poster size of 28″x40″ or a smaller size of 23″x33″. The two winners will have their choice of which size poster they will receive. Cool huh?

And best part of all, all proceeds from the sales of the posters will help send fellow believers for solid biblical training and teaching at The Ligonier Academy! That’s reason enough to hang one of these beauties on your wall!

How To Enter

Ok. You’re sold and you want one. “How can I enter” you may ask? All you gotta’ do is fill out this form.

That’s it. Pretty tough, huh?

If you would like to have your entry chances doubled, you can either:

1) Click the Facebook “Like” button at the end of this post and leave me a comment here stating you have done so. If you are reading via a feed reader, you will have to view the original post to do so.


2) Copy and paste the following tweet into your Twitter account and let your followers know about the poster giveaway. Then leave me your “@” Twitter handle here in the comments section.

Win a Jonathan Edwards “Resolutions Poster” thanks to @WinslowQuotes & @ResolvedPoster

So… just a quick recap.

To enter, you must fill out the form. To double your chances, you can perform one of the two actions mentioned above.

If you’re a really nice guy or gal, you can do both and you will have my undying gratitude.


If you are the chosen winner, I will notify you via email on Monday, April 18. If you do not reply with 72 hours with your shipping address, you will be automatically disqualified and a runner up will be chosen.

After I receive your address, I will then notify Jacob and he will send you the poster size of your choice.

I (Matthew Blair) will not be handling the shipping of the posters.

If you do not win one of the two posters, you can always buy one for yourself and help fellow believers fulfill their calling at Ligonier Academy!

Thanks for entering everyone!

16 thoughts on “Win A Jonathan Edwards “Resolutions” Poster

  1. My twitter account is @josdavbridges

    You should pick me because I am a broke college grad, I have a great smile, and am a KJV-only fundamentalist (JK, really, I do enjoy a KJV gander on occasions though :-P

  2. Hey there, I’m @jonsothin! Thanx for the opportunity! I’m a broke high school drop-out (kinda, not really) and I read the ESV. And. I. Like. It. (just had to put this in for our KJV friend). ;-)

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