The Octavius Winslow Book Giveaway: The Precious Things of God

I’m extremely happy to announce that the great folks at Reformation Heritage Books have agreed to donate several Winslow books for another book giveaway series!

During this series, we will be giving away four books in total. They are as follows:

The Precious Things of God 

The Fullness of Christ

Heaven Opened

Our God

Please take a moment and click through the above links to read a short review and summary of these titles.

Giveaway #1

The very first book on the list that we will be giving to someone will be The Precious Things of God.

This book has been a favorite of Winslow aficionados for many years and has only recently been re-published. This book is one of the top 5 Winslow books I personally recommend to people looking to get a start in reading him.

A short summary of this gem is as follows:

These pages address themselves pointedly and strongly to that essential principle of vital religion—the experimental. We really know as much of the gospel of Christ, and of the Christ of the gospel, as by the power of the Holy Ghost we have the experience of it in our souls….To apprehend, in some measure, the value, the glory, and the preciousness of the Lord Jesus, and, as a consequence, to esteem Him above all good, to reflect His image, to labor in His service—this is spiritual life.The author elucidates such “precious” things as Christ, faith, trials, God’s thoughts, divine promises, the blood of Christ, the anointing of the Holy Spirit, God’s children, God’s Word, prayer, Christ’s sympathy with our infirmities, and the death of the saints.

How To Enter

Step 1

Fill out this form.

Step 2

Post the following tweet into your Twitter status:

Stop in to win a free Octavius Winslow book from @RHB_Books and @WinslowQuotes


click on the nifty Facebook button at the bottom of this post to post to your Facebook status.

If you would like to do both of these, please feel free. I would greatly appreciate it.

That’s it. You will then be entered to win.

If you do not have either a Twitter or Facebook account, no worries. Just fill out the form in Step 1. We’ll let you slide.

This giveaway is drawing on the honor system a bit, so I will have to trust that you will be tweeting or posting to your Facebook status. I’m sure you will not mind helping get the word out to others about free Winslow books! :)

Guidelines and Rules

This giveaway will last one week. A winner will be randomly drawn on Monday, June 13, 2011.

I will notify the winner via the email address given in the form that was filled out in Step 1, so please make sure your email address is filled out accurately.

The winner has 48 hours to respond back to me with a shipping address for their book. If that winner does not respond back to me in 48 hours, a runner up will be drawn and notified.

Once I receive your address, I will pass it along to Reformation Heritage Books and they will ship you the book directly from their warehouse.

Sound good? Great!

Thanks for entering and thanks again to Reformation Heritage Books for their generous donation!

See you in a week!

8 thoughts on “The Octavius Winslow Book Giveaway: The Precious Things of God

  1. I praise God that there is a publisher and web site who would bring a man of Gods writer so we have a chance to read what the Lord put in his heart

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