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Keto Chocolate Covered Caramels

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Want to make chewy caramels without sugar? Look no further! These soft and chewy caramels covered in dark and white chocolate are just like your favorite candy bar!

Recipe Tips

The chocolate layer provides the perfect crunchy shell for the soft and chewy caramel. If you don't want to make these caramels too sweet, just use more dark chocolate instead of the white chocolate which tends to be too sweet.

You can use sugar-free white chocolate sweetened with low-carb sweeteners such as Erythritol, FOS or Xylitol. If you live in the US, Choc Zero White Chocolate Chips or Lily's White Chocolate Chips are a great keto option. I can't get it in the UK so I used white chocolate sweetened with Xylitol.

Make sure to avoid chocolate sweetened with Sorbitol, Maltitol or IMOs as these seemingly low-carb options are not keto-friendly and would most likely spike your blood sugar.

If you can't find a healthy low-carb option, you can make your own sugar-free white chocolate like this Keto White Chocolate. If you use heavy cream powder and powdered Allulose, it's the closest you will ever get to regular white chocolate!

Keto Chocolate Covered Caramels Pin itFollow us 148.4k

Hands-on Overall

Serving size 1 caramel

Allergy information for Keto Chocolate Covered Caramels

✔  Gluten free
✔  Egg free
✔  Nut free
✔  Nightshade free
✔  Pork free
✔  Avocado free
✔  Coconut free
✔  Fish free
✔  Shellfish free
✔  Beef free

Nutritional values (per serving, 1 caramel)

Net carbs2.1 grams
Protein0.9 grams
Fat11.5 grams
Calories115 kcal
Calories from carbs 7%, protein 3%, fat 90%
Total carbs3.3 gramsFiber1.2 gramsSugars0.8 gramsSaturated fat7.2 gramsSodium19 mg(1% RDA)Magnesium10 mg(3% RDA)Potassium46 mg(2% EMR)

Ingredients (makes 12 servings)


  1. Using butter, sweetener, cream and salt, make the caramel by following this recipe. It will take about 20 minutes. Keto Chocolate Covered Caramels
  2. Once the caramel has thickened enough, pour it in a silicon loaf pan (8-9 inch/ 20-23 cm) or a regular loaf pan lined with parchment paper. Place in the freezer for 30 to 60 minutes, until set enough to slice.
  3. Meanwhile, melt the dark chocolate in a double boiler or a glass bowl on top of a small saucepan filled with a cup of water over a medium heat. In another bowl melt the white chocolate and coconut oil (or cacao butter which is room temperature stable). Alternatively, you can use a microwave and melt on low (white chocolate tends to burn).
  4. Once completely melted, remove from the heat and set aside to cool down. The chocolate should not be hot when you use it for coating. Keto Chocolate Covered Caramels
  5. Once the caramel is set, remove from the pan and slice into 12 squares. Place back in the freezer until ready to coat in chocolate. Keto Chocolate Covered Caramels
  6. Remove the caramels from the freezer. To cover them in chocolate, use a skewer or a fork. Pick up one caramel at a time and hold over the bowl of melted chocolate. Spoon the chocolate over the caramel until well-coated. Drizzle any leftover chocolate on top. You can use the same chocolate of white on top of dark and then dark on top of white. Place in the fridge until fully set. Keto Chocolate Covered Caramels
  7. Once fully set, serve! You can keep the caramels in the fridge for up to 2 weeks or in the freezer for up to 6 months. Keto Chocolate Covered Caramels

Ingredient nutritional breakdown (per serving, 1 caramel)

Net carbsProteinFatCalories
Keto Caramel, thick, made with allulose (KetoDiet blog)
1 g0.2 g6.8 g66 kcal
Extra dark chocolate, 90% cocoa (cacao)
0.6 g0.4 g2.4 g24 kcal
White Chocolate Chips, sugar-free, Lily’s
0.6 g0.3 g1.2 g15 kcal
Coconut oil, extra virgin
0 g0 g1.1 g10 kcal
Total per serving, 1 caramel
2.1 g0.9 g11.5 g115 kcal

Keto Chocolate Covered CaramelsPin itFollow us 148.4k

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Martina Slajerova
Creator of

Martina Slajerova

I changed the way I ate in 2011, when I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, an autoimmune disease that affects the thyroid. I had no energy, and I found it more and more difficult to maintain a healthy weight.

That’s when I decided to quit sugar, grains, and processed foods, and to start following a whole-foods-based ketogenic approach to food.

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Comments (4)

It tasts delicious BUT is there any trick they will get hard? I have them in the freezer for 3 Days and still soft… Could it be cause of the Allulose?

I'm sorry it took a while to reply, I have been enjoying the fourth trimester with our twins 😊 I think the caramel might need a little longer on the stove to thicken up - that would be the only way to make them set better. You will definitely need to keep the allulose as without it there is no caramel - it would just crystallise with Erythritol.

Congratulations on your twins! My dad was a twin (his sister), so they kind-of, sort-of run in the family! Can't wait to try the chocolate caramels, making today. Thanks for the recipe.

Thank you so much! It's been an amazing year for us. Very busy, little to no sleep on some days, but very rewarding! 😊