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KetoDiet and KetoDiet Basic Update (May 2017)

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KetoDiet and KetoDiet Basic Update (May 2017)ShareFollow us 261.1k

Hi Friends,

We've been busy working on KetoDiet and we have yet another update that will be available to download in the next few days! So, what's new? As usual, it's a long list of improvements! :-)

Say Hi To Our New Writers!

We are now working with two talented food bloggers, Lauren Lester and Jo Harding, who will help us create even more keto & paleo recipes. We also started working with Emily Maguire, a keto expert who will share articles focused on the therapeutic uses of the ketogenic diet. You can see the lists of posts created by Lauren, Jo and Emily by tapping on their profile photos below.

KetoDiet and KetoDiet Basic Update (May 2017) KetoDiet and KetoDiet Basic Update (May 2017) KetoDiet and KetoDiet Basic Update (May 2017)

This means that you will get even more free recipes and articles directly via our integrated blog!

Apart from almost 100 recipes included in the Starter package, over 450 free recipes are provided via our integrated blog. Plus, thanks to Jo and Lauren, we will now be able to add new keto recipes more frequently :-)

Copy & Paste Meals

You can now copy and paste any meal from/to another day in a few simple steps!

KetoDiet and KetoDiet Basic Update (May 2017)

Enhanced Planner

You can now find quick tips on how to use the Planner. As always any app takes time to get used to and we hope the tips will help those new to KetoDiet!

Also, we improved editing meals when added to the Planner. You can now edit any meal by simply tapping on the whole row, not just an "edit" tool.

Improvements in the Basket

We enhanced the grouping in Basket when arranged by "ingredients". Below is a comparison of the "before" (on the left) and "after" (on the right).

KetoDiet and KetoDiet Basic Update (May 2017)

Other Improvements

  • Integrated blog enhancements, especially in the comments section (formatting, improved utilisation of space)
  • Dynamic text support. You can now adjust the font size in recipes, blog posts and the KetoDiet Guide.
  • Major performance improvements
  • Small bug fixes

Your Review Matters More Than Ever

I cannot emphasise enough how much time and effort it takes to create new content and we provide most of it free of charge.

To keep this project sustainable, we need to cover our development costs, and the only way to do that is to charge a fair price for our app.

Unlike other apps, we don't use third party advertising and there are no hidden costs or subscriptions (all in-apps are listed on our website, the main screenshot and in the description).

Every review counts - your support will enable us to keep this project going. So if you find our Apps useful, please, leave a review on the AppStore/ Google Play. Thank you!

What's Planned Next?

Next updates (May-July 2017)

  • Barcode scanning. We strive for quality, not quantity. Accuracy is our key priority (and it should be yours too if you follow a keto diet) and unlike all other apps, we don't use any crowdsourced databases. We will use a verified database for branded products when implementing barcode scanning.
  • New KetoDiet App guide - our online tutorial on how to use our app.
  • Enhance warnings/stats for meeting macronutrient targets in the Planner.
  • Universal search across all recipes when adding them to the Planner (blog meals, KetoDiet meals, custom meals, etc).

Upcoming updates in 2017

  • Adding nutrition data for all the recipes included in my 3 cookbooks (currently over 350 recipes) for easy planning
  • Adding new meals into the Starter pack and existing optional recipe packages (once you get any package, any recipes added in the future are always free!)
  • Adding new restaurant chains to our database to quickly find keto-friendly options when eating out
  • Data export, especially progress stats
  • Apple Watch support
  • Activity tracking & Health App integration
  • Ketone tracking, glucose tracking, and more tracking options
  • Integration with KetoDiet meal plans (free and premium 7-day, 14-day and 28-day diet plans directly in the Planner with just one click)
  • KetoDiet Challenges & community integration
  • Add recipe user notes in custom meals so that you have all you need to make your favourite recipe
  • Sharing custom meals between users
  • Adding "favorites" to the Planner so you can quickly add frequently used meals. This feature may be added depending on user feedback. We just included a new feature for Recently added meals which works in a similar way.
  • New recipe packages - requested by users (American Favorites, Vegetarian Recipes, Easy & Simple 2nd Edition and Keto Treats)
  • Multi-user account support with data sync and fast user switching. This feature will be free for the first account. Any additional accounts will be available to buy for $0.99 USD per month to cover the cost of processing and storing the additional data on our servers.

The features are driven by your feedback! Feel free to leave a comment if you have anything else you would like us to add and if it's something we can do, we'll do our best to implement it in future updates.

How About Android?

We've been working on the fully featured KetoDiet Android app and we expect to release it in mid 2017 (soon!). As with all software, it's very hard to give precise estimates and KetoDiet is a fairly complex app but we should start beta testing in just a few weeks.

We will notify everyone who's included in the beta testing once it's available. If you wish to be included, please, send us an e-mail via this form (leaving a comment below won't work, you need to send us an e-mail so we can keep track of all beta testers).

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Martina Slajerova
Creator of

Martina Slajerova

I changed the way I ate in 2011, when I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, an autoimmune disease that affects the thyroid. I had no energy, and I found it more and more difficult to maintain a healthy weight.

That’s when I decided to quit sugar, grains, and processed foods, and to start following a whole-foods-based ketogenic approach to food.

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Comments (10)

I've just started using this app as I'm new to keto, and my husband and I are using it together. There's a few things right off the bat that would make this more useful:
1) The ability to add single foods without having to go through an extra click every time
2) The ability to edit custom recipes/meals (if there is a way to edit them, I have not been able to find it anywhere - I made a mistake when I was almost done entering a recipe and couldn't get back to edit the recipe)
3) The ability to share the details of a meal with someone else so they can import it straight into their app
4) A water tracker... very important, but missing from this app!

Thank you for your feedback Diana!
1) I'm not sure I understand this point. Is this for adding single ingredients to the Planner? In this case, we have a step that enables people to select serving sizes (amounts), time/type of meal (if they like), or optional ingredients.
In this case I don't think there is another way unless we remove a feature which we want to avoid. In general, we'd love to simplify the app as much as we can but there is a balance between adding advanced features and keep them simple at the same time.
2) You can edit any custom meals in Custom Meals by tapping on them > edit (the pen tool on top) and then edit & save as you wish.
3) & 4) This is in our to-do list 😊 KetoDiet App FAQ

As a coach and app user, it would be awesome if I were able to review my clients data... primarily the planner and nutrient summary. Any plans to add this feature in the future?
Coach Matt

Hi Matt, we have this oin our to-do list, as we plan to enable exporting progress/planner data (see "Upcoming updates in 2017") 😊

I use your app everyday it I don't think I could do as well without it. I was wondering though, is it possible to be able to import a recipe from a website. It's tedious to typed each new recipe in before I can add it to my day. Thanks again for all of the work you do to make this app on of the best out there.

Thank you so much Lori, I really appreciate that!

I recently downloaded the app and it has the scan bar code feature but when I click the barcode icon, a bar comes up at the bottom of my screen that says "scan barcode" but there is no way to scan. Is this function still not up and running?

Hello, we do not have (yet) the bar code scanner because we are working on a proper way to implement it which takes time. If you can't see this icon, then it's a different app:
There's an app that has been using the same name like we do once you download it (their app has a monthly subscription fee). We have been receiving loads of support e-mails and complaints about an app that isn't ours.

Hey, love your app.  Wondering if there is a way to change my protein macros?  It calculated automatically at 90 and from what I've been reading, my macro should be more around 60.  Thank you!

Thank you Shelly! If your protein was calculated at 90 grams, it is likely correct. Please, make sure that all the essential data is entered correctly. The calculator we use is based on the one we developed for our blog and has been tested extensively: KetoDiet Buddy - Easy Macro Calculator for the Ketogenic Diet
All the calculations are explained below the calculator (please, scroll down on the page) and they're based on widely accepted scientific research. To further validate our calculations, last year, we have open-sourced our calculator (we made the code for the calculator public) so that it can be scrutinised simply because we realise how important it is to get the numbers right.