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Low-Carb Chimichurri Chicken Tray Bake

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Low-Carb Chimichurri Chicken Tray BakePin itFollow us 148.4k

This easy chicken tray bake is the perfect meal to throw together at the end of a long day. Pop it in the oven and forget about it while you enjoy a foot rub. And the icing on the cake? It’s all cooked in the one tray so it’s almost zero washing up!

Making your own chimichurri sauce is really easy. We're using extra virgin olive oil for heart-healthy monounsaturated fats that perfectly complement crispy chicken.

If you have any leftovers, feel free to mix some with some avocado mayonnaise for a tasty chimichurri salad dressing, or simply drizzle over your steak and veggies. So good!

Recipe Tips

We're using bone-in, skin-on chicken thighs because they have more flavour and are juicier than chicken breasts. If you use boneless chicken thighs, cut down the initial baking time by 5 to 10 minutes.

If you have an extra few minutes, try pan roasting the chicken thighs, skin side down, on a hot pan greased with ghee for about 5 minutes. This will add a beautiful crunch and flavour. Then transfer into the baking dish and bake for 15 minutes, followed by the vegetables and an additional 10 to 15 minutes of baking. Enjoy!

Hands-on Overall

Allergy information for Low-Carb Chimichurri Chicken Tray Bake

✔  Gluten free
✔  Dairy free
✔  Egg free
✔  Nut free
✔  Nightshade free
✔  Pork free
✔  Avocado free
✔  Coconut free
✔  Shellfish free
✔  Beef free

Nutritional values (per serving)

Net carbs7.4 grams
Protein30.1 grams
Fat54 grams
Calories643 kcal
Calories from carbs 5%, protein 19%, fat 76%
Total carbs12.2 gramsFiber4.8 gramsSugars2.9 gramsSaturated fat11 gramsSodium459 mg(20% RDA)Magnesium62 mg(15% RDA)Potassium688 mg(34% EMR)

Ingredients (makes 4 servings)

Chicken tray Bake:
  • 4 large or 8 small chicken thighs, skin-on and bone-in (900 g/ 2 lb) - will yield about 600 g/ 1.3 oz meat
  • generous pinch of sea salt and ground pepper
  • 1 tsp onion powder
  • 1/2 tsp garlic powder
  • 150 g asparagus (5.3 oz)
  • 150 g green beans (5.3 oz)
  • 150 g broccolini or sliced broccoli florets (5.3 oz)
Homemade chimichurri:
  • 1 packed cup parsley (60 g/ 2.1 oz)
  • 4 to 6 cloves garlic
  • 1/4 cup fresh oregano (15 g/ 0.5 oz)
  • 1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil (120 ml/ 4 fl oz)
  • 2 to 4 tbsp red wine vinegar or apple cider vinegar (30 to 60 ml)
  • Optional: 1 small hot chile pepper, deseeded and sliced
  • sea salt and ground pepper, to taste


  1. Preheat the oven to 200 °C/ 400 °F (fan assisted), or 220 °C/ 425 °F (conventional).
    Low-Carb Chimichurri Chicken Tray Bake
  2. Mix the dry seasonings together and rub all over the chicken. Lay the chicken out, skin side up, on the baking tray. Cook for 20 minutes.
    Low-Carb Chimichurri Chicken Tray Bake
  3. Remove from the oven and scatter the greens over.
    Low-Carb Chimichurri Chicken Tray Bake
  4. Cover tightly, with either a lid or with aluminium foil, and cook for a further 10 to 15 minutes until the vegetables are tender.
    Low-Carb Chimichurri Chicken Tray Bake
  5. To make the chimichurri, blitz the garlic and herbs together and then add the rest of the ingredients. Pulse until the chimichurri comes together.
    Low-Carb Chimichurri Chicken Tray Bake
  6. Serve the chicken and vegetables with a drizzle of chimichurri. Store, covered, in the fridge for three days. The chimichurri can be stored in the fridge in a sealed jar for 1 to 2 weeks. Can be portioned out and frozen.
    Low-Carb Chimichurri Chicken Tray Bake

Ingredient nutritional breakdown (per serving)

Net carbsProteinFatCalories
Chicken thighs, boneless, skin-on, raw
0 g26.7 g24.8 g329 kcal
Salt, sea salt
0 g0 g0 g0 kcal
Pepper, black, spices
0 g0 g0 g0 kcal
Onion powder, spices
0.4 g0.1 g0 g2 kcal
Garlic powder, spices
0.2 g0.1 g0 g1 kcal
Asparagus, fresh
0.7 g0.8 g0 g8 kcal
Green beans, fresh
1.6 g0.7 g0.1 g12 kcal
Broccoli, broccolini, fresh
1.5 g1.1 g0.1 g13 kcal
Chimichurri Sauce (KetoDiet app)
2.9 g0.7 g29 g279 kcal
Total per serving
7.4 g30.1 g54 g643 kcal

Low-Carb Chimichurri Chicken Tray BakePin itFollow us 148.4k

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Is that parchment paper on the skillet to bake with?

It is! This is actually a round baking try but you could use a skillet and no need for that parchment 😊

Yum! Can't wait to make this.