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I will be posting one “thought” each morning. I will work my way through the “Morning Thoughts” edition first. After that is completed, I will then turn to “Evening Thoughts”.


With the opening words of the preface Winslow explained the origin of Morning Thoughts. He wrote, “In compliance with frequent requests from various quarters that the author would allow selections from some of his published works to appear in the form of Daily Readings, he ventures to offer to the Christian church the following pages.” What follows are three hundred and sixty–six devotional readings for each morning of the year. Winslow viewed one‘s devotional life as vital to their overall life as a Christ follower. He said, “To begin the day with God is the great secret of walking through the day with God.”

These thoughts were selected by Winslow himself from his writings. Unlike other daily devotionals, such as William Jay’s, these daily portions elucidate only one or two thoughts from the day’s text rather than providing a comprehensive view. The advantage of this approach is that the selections are deep, heart-warming, and inspirational—just what is needed to offer a Christ-centered beginning to each day. As is true of all of Winslow’s writings, these volumes are a gem. Representing devotional writing at its finest, it is replete with memorable statements for spiritual edification. Use these books to treasure those sacred truths of Scripture that will mold your thoughts, words, and actions of Christian living.

Also, please check out Tony Reinke’s excellent review of this devotional classic here.

If you would like to purchase these two editions, they are available from Reformation Heritage Books here.

Also, you can freely read them online at Grace Gems.

11 thoughts on “Morning & Evening Thoughts Email

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  7. I have a small blue book, dated 1871, by Octavius Winslow titled ‘Help Heavenward’ or
    Words of strength and heart cheer to zion travelers.

    Is anyone interested in purchaseing this book I would be happy to supply pictures.


  8. I’d be interested, but I live in Germany…how much would that cost? Could you send pictures to my email adress? Maybe the owner of this site could give you my address…

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  11. I’ve missed Mr. Winslow’s emails lately. Are you on vacation or perhaps my spam blocker is the issue. Hoping to see them again soon. Always a blessing to me; I return blessings multiplied to you for offering this service. Thank you.

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