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New Upgrade Path for KetoDiet Basic (iOS)

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Hi Friends, I have great news for you!

With our major iOS update in January, we've made KetoDiet a universal app on the iPhone and iPad. All features of the iPad version are supported on the iPhone, including planning & tracking features.

Our next milestone was to provide an upgrade path for KetoDiet Basic and we've accomplished that in our upcoming release that will be out in the next few days! What this means is that if you have KetoDiet Basic, you can enable all the advanced features without having to buy KetoDiet.

What are the Advanced Features in KetoDiet Basic?

Tracking, Planning & Monitoring

Planning and tracking your diet, monitoring your progress, creating custom meals, custom ingredients, searching through restaurant meals, etc.

Data Sync for iOS Devices

You can sync data across multiple devices. We have developed our own data sync solution and in the near future, we will enable our users to sync between KetoDiet and KetoDiet Basic across all platforms (iOS and Android). Currently, data syncing is only enabled for KetoDiet iOS.

Integrated Keto Calculator

Our Keto Calculator is fully integrated into the planner to help you calculate your ideal macros based on your goals and help you stay on track.

New Upgrade Path for KetoDiet Basic (iOS)

How Much Does the Upgrade Cost?

To enable the advanced features in KetoDiet Basic, you have to make a one-off purchase. We always aim to charge a fair price. The cost of the upgrade reflects the difference between the price of KetoDiet (fully featured app) and KetoDiet Basic, plus a small fee of $1 USD to reflect the work we've done to make KetoDiet Basic upgradable.

What if I don't want to enable the advanced features?

Let's make this clear: you don't have to upgrade. We know it's a popular request by KetoDiet Basic users to be able to enable them. For that reason, we made this option easily accessible on the main menu. However, if you choose not to upgrade, that option will be hidden. If at any point you change your mind, you will be able to find the Upgrade option again in Settings.

New Upgrade Path for KetoDiet Basic (iOS)

How Much Will Any Upcoming Updates Cost?

All updates are and will remain free. However, as I explained in this post in detail, to keep this project sustainable, we will adjust the overall pricing to reflect our continuous development and maintenance costs. Any pricing changes will not affect those of you who already own our app and optional recipe packages. This will only have an impact on those who will buy the app and/or optional recipe packages in the future.

The pricing is going to change once the new version of KetoDiet Basic is out (within the next few days):

  • The current price of the fully-featured KetoDiet app is $4.99 USD. The new price will be $6.99 USD
  • The price of KetoDiet Basic will remain the same at $1.99 USD
  • To enable all advanced features in KetoDiet Basic: $4.99 USD
  • The current price of the recipe packages is $0.99 USD (per package of 30+ recipes each and counting as we keep adding new recipes). The new price will be $1.99 USD.
Isn't your App too expensive?

A complex app like KetoDiet takes a lot of time and effort to develop, in fact, a lot more than any cookbook, yet as a result of the current situation on the app market, apps in general are massively underpriced. Charging a fair price is the only way to keep this project going.

What's Next?

Next Updates (March-April 2017)

  • Enhance warnings/stats for meeting macronutrient targets
  • Copy & paste planner meals for quick planning
  • Universal search across all recipes when adding them to the Planner (blog meals, KetoDiet meals, custom meals, etc)
  • Adding "favorites" to the Planner so you can quickly add frequently used meals
  • Multi-user account support with data sync and fast user switching. This feature will be free for the first account. Any additional accounts will be available to buy for $0.99 USD per month to cover the cost of processing and storing the additional data on our servers.

Upcoming Updates in 2017

  • Barcode scanning. We strive for quality, not quantity. Accuracy is your key priority and unlike all other apps, we won't be using a crowdsourced database - we will use a verified database.
  • Adding new restaurant chains to our database to quickly find keto-friendly options when eating out
  • Adding new meals into the Starter pack and existing optional recipe packages (once you get any package, any recipes added in the future are always free!)
  • Data export, especially progress stats
  • Apple Watch support
  • Activity tracking & Health App integration
  • Ketone tracking, glucose tracking, and more tracking options
  • Integration with KetoDiet meal plans (free and premium 7-day, 14-day and 28-day diet plans directly in the Planner with just one click)
  • KetoDiet Challenges & community integration
  • Add recipe user notes in custom meals so that you have all you need to make your favourite recipe
  • New recipe packages - requested by users (American Favorites, Vegetarian Recipes, Easy & Simple 2nd Edition and Keto Treats)

The features are driven by your feedback! Feel free to leave a comment if you have anything else you would like us to add and if it's something we can do, we'll do our best to implement it in future updates.

New Upgrade Path for KetoDiet Basic (iOS)

How About Android?

We've been working on the fully featured KetoDiet Android app and we expect to release it in mid 2017. As with all software, it's very hard to give precise estimates and KetoDiet is a fairly complex app.

We should be able to start beta-testing in the next few months and will notify everyone who's included. If you wish to be included, please, send us an e-mail via this form - leaving a comment below won't work, you need to send us an e-mail.

Want to help us take KetoDiet to the next level?
If you find our Apps useful, please, leave a review on the AppStore/ Google Play. It's the best thing you can do to support us. Thank you!

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Martina Slajerova
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Martina Slajerova

I changed the way I ate in 2011, when I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, an autoimmune disease that affects the thyroid. I had no energy, and I found it more and more difficult to maintain a healthy weight.

That’s when I decided to quit sugar, grains, and processed foods, and to start following a whole-foods-based ketogenic approach to food.

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Comments (10)

Looking forward to being able to sync devices with Android.  Also it would be great if I could add a photo to my custom meals/recipes. I've only just begun using the app and love it so far. Thanks!

Hi Terri, the photo option is already available in Custom Meals - it is yet to come for Custom Ingredients 😊

I paid for the upgrade, but my app does not have the option to customize meals and save them.... I don't have several of the screen shots you show here. Anyone else having this problem?

Hi Jennifer, I'm not quite sure what the issue may be. Can you please, send us an e-mail ( - we'll be happy to assist you!

Firstly, well done and many thanks for the considerable effort you have out into the KetoDiet app. Its intuitive, well laid out and enjoyable to use. Unlike some tools that are quite the opposite where they are clunky, hard to navigate etc resulting them becoming another unused 'junk' app on your device! Not so with Keto Diet App!!
It's a great tool, I've downloaded Basic and uses for a few weeks before deciding to try the advanced features and upgraded.
i wanted to start using the planner but to be honest I still find it a little high maintenance compared to MFP specifically when adding non KetoDiet foods/recipes.
Yes it can be done, but I'm loving the ability in MFP where you can quickly import a recipe from the web by importing the URL. So much easier than trying to add everything in individually!
As I've built up quite a catalog of imported recipes it has me a little reluctant to start 'over' and add them all manually into Keto Diet.
On the downside, MFP carb counts can be often inaccurate and of course not specifically setup to track carbs more so calories. That's where I really love and overall prefer the KetoDiet planner, combined with your commitment to use an accurate data source for foods and carb counts etc. the macro setup and visuals are also a huge advantage over MFP.
I've read your exciting roadmap for the app and appreciate the commitment you have towards its constant evolvement. Would the web based recipe import logic be something that could be evaluated for a future release?
The bar scanner function is also feature in MFP I use regularly, so very excited to see that on your roadmap 😃
One last question, even though I've upgraded the app on my iPad still reflects the name 'KetoDiet BASIC’. Is this correct, or have I not upgraded correctly...I do see the planner and other 'advanced' features wihthin the app.
Again, many thanks for such great information to live by and tools to live with!!

Thank you for your kind words and support Matt!
We would absolutely love to do support importing from the web but I'll explain the issues. I do understand how convenient it may look to just import a recipe from the web but the problem is that apps that do this use what is known as fuzzy matching which is how they are trying to "guess" the ingredients, nutrition facts, etc. There are several issues, such as it doesn't recognise all ingredients, or it may use the wrong ones (e.g. there are more types of bacon), but not the same ingredients. I'm afraid there is currently no way to reliably import a recipe from the web without the accuracy issues. The differences can be significant and can slow down your progress on a keto diet as the data will be misrepresented.
About the accuracy - there is a reason why you noticed that some apps contain inaccurate data. Most apps, including MFP, use crowdsourced data (nutrition facts are user-generated and are not verified).  Although the obvious advantage is the scale of such database, it comes at a cost of inaccurate data (wrong or missing macronutrients and micronutrients, duplicate entries with different nutrition facts, etc.) Our number one priority is accuracy and that's why we only use verified sources.
This brings me to the next point - bar code scanning for which accurate database is required. The first verified database with branded products will become available later this year and that's when bar code scanning will finally be implemented 😊
When it comes to the name, don't worry, you did upgrade to the advanced features. The name will remain "KetoDiet Basic" for technical reasons - it's because the apps cannot be merged. Instead, we provided an upgrade path to bring all the features to the Basic app (so you are essentially using the Basic app with all the advanced features making it identical to "KetoDiet").
Thanks again for your feedback, Matt, we really appreciate that!

Dear Nikos, I love the new app on the iPhone. I upgraded today. I already had the KetoDiet app on my iPad and would like to synchronize. However the system doesn't seem to recognize my account or email address. Could it be that when I bought the app 2 years ago I didn't  have to make an account? What do you suggest I should do to connect the two? Many thanks! sylvia

Hi Sylvia,
If I had to guess, I'd say that maybe you have not signed up for a KetoDiet account?
In order to be able to sync:
- You'll need to have a KetoDiet account. You can sign up in the app under Profile > Data Sync. An account activation email will be send to your email address when you sign up.
- Once you sign up, you'll need to sign-in on all devices with the same account. Any local data on your devices will be merged into your online account.
If you do have a KetoDiet account but you cannot sign-in, please contact us via Help > Contact us in the KetoDiet app.
thank you, Nikos.

I' have your app on my iPad and it's automatically updated to the latest version. However, I can't find or access any of my recipes (I have literally tons that I have saved as custom meals), but they are no longer showing in the app. I'm hoping they haven't disappeared as I have spent so much time working on them! Can you help by telling me where they will be?
Kind regards

Hi Emma,
all your recipes will be under Custom Meals. When you update to the new version all your data remains intact. If by any chance you have uninstalled & re-installed the app or have a new device then you'll need a backup (either iCloud or iTunes) to restore your data.
I hope this helps.