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The Best Keto App is Now Free To Download!

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Hi everyone, we have exciting news for you. We made our KetoDiet App free to download!

Over the last few months we've been working really hard, adding new features and improving every aspect of the KetoDiet App. Before I get to any details of what's new in the app, I'd like to explain our new pricing.

The KetoDiet App is free to download with some of the most popular features enabled (planning & tracking, access to the blog, custom meals and more). Advanced features are available to premium subscribers and our existing users.

Existing Users - Free Forever

As a thank you to our loyal users who have made our project possible over the years, we are making KetoDiet free to them — forever. This includes new features, new recipes and all updates. Existing users will never be asked to pay anything.

The Best Keto App is Now Free To Download!

New Users - What's Free and What's Premium?

All new users will have access to all free features and can optionally enable all premium features by subscribing. Subscriptions can be purchased monthly, quarterly or yearly.

Why do we have a subscription? We work with a team of experts and content creators to produce content for our blog and app. Our goal is to keep this project sustainable and to continue creating quality content. Having a premium subscription is the best way to ensure that long term.

Below is a comparison of the main features in the Free and Premium versions.

Premium Free
Fully Customizable Recipes * 1,500+ 10
Ketone, Glucose & Lipid Tracking
Mood & Energy Tracking
Progress Reports Advanced Basic
Data Sync
Apple Health Sync
KetoDiet Guide Complete Basic
Integrated Blog Recipes**
Custom Meal Recipe Steps
Macro Calculator
Food & Water Tracking
Shopping Basket
Custom Meals
Custom Ingredients
Barcode Scanning

* KetoDiet includes 350 exclusive recipes plus a feed of 1,200+ recipes from our Blog. Premium subscribers have full unlimited access to all 1,500+ low-carb recipes. All recipes are fully integrated in our app with more added almost daily.

** Non-premium users can browse recipes & articles under the KetoDiet Blog section. Advanced features such as adding to the planner, cloning or customizing meals are only available to premium subscribers.

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Features We Added and Features We Are Working On

Since the release of KetoDiet in 2012, we have continuously been working on new content and features in order to create the best and most complete low-carb app.

Recently we've been particularly busy adding some key features to our app. Here are the highlights:

  • Unified all recipes under one section.
  • Users can add recipe steps to Custom Meals to create a complete recipe.
  • Improvements in barcode scanning and improved search in branded products. Users can make corrections and report errors in the branded food database which are not uncommon for scanned products. Every time you correct a product, you help us improve the data for every user.
  • Universal Search in Planner for quick & easy tracking. Users can search across all foods including recipes, custom meals, products, restaurant meals, etc.
  • Quick access to food tracking from the main menu to minimize the number of steps required.
  • Apple Health Kit support.
  • New on-boarding flow to help new users get started.

Here's what we're working on right now (next 2 updates):

  • Advanced filtering to match the filtering options on our blog for all KetoDiet Recipes. You will be able to filter through 1,500+ recipes based on your allergies and other preferences.
  • Several UX improvements in the Planner, Progress, Recipes and Basket.

A lot more features such as data export, tracking intermittent fasting and customized diet plans are scheduled for later updates. I will reveal more details in the next milestone!

Please note that software development takes time. We release new updates and add new features as often as we can.

Your Feedback Matters

I want to thank you all for your amazing support. It enables us to keep working on our app to make it the best we can. We are working hard on the next update that will bring new features and improvements — all driven by your feedback.

If you love KetoDiet, please leave a review on the App Store or Google Play. It only takes a minute and makes a tremendous difference to us. It's the best way to help us take KetoDiet to the next level. Thank you!

The Best Keto App is Now Free To Download!Pin itFollow us 148.4k

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Martina Slajerova
Creator of

Martina Slajerova

I changed the way I ate in 2011, when I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, an autoimmune disease that affects the thyroid. I had no energy, and I found it more and more difficult to maintain a healthy weight.

That’s when I decided to quit sugar, grains, and processed foods, and to start following a whole-foods-based ketogenic approach to food.

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Comments (50)

I downloaded the ketodiet app and I love it.  However  I didn’t realize there was a monthly charge until it came on my bill.  Is there a yearly cost that might work out less.
I await your resonse.

Hi Gail, I'm just making sure that you saw my comment below? I hope your email address is correct as that is how people get notified when they leave comments. I also replied to you on Facebook I hope this helps!

I downloaded the ketodiet app and I love it.  Only thing is I didn’t realize it had a monthly renewal charge of 5.99.  Is there a yearly charge and does it work out to be less than monthly.  Thank you.

Hi Gail, yes there is! On iOS you can manage your subscriptions in iTunes and change the subscription plan to annual which will cost less per month than the monthly plan. To do that, go to
For Google Play:
I hope this helps - thank you for using our app!   

Love it

I'm glad you do!

My wife and I are both using this app for meal tracking.  I do the bulk of the cooking and add the measurements in my app as I prepare food.  There needs to be away to share the custom meal with my wife.  It deters her from using the app when she has to manually enter the data.

Thank you John, this is in our to-do list - we understand it's a very useful feature for couples and friends who follow the same diet.

  Wanted to take the time to write and say thank you for taking so much time out to help me yesterday. I'm greatful your team took so much time emailing me multiple times and messaging me till my issue was fully resolved. I really appreciate it. Anyone thinking about buying the app it's worth it and IF you do have issues they are very quick to step in and get it resolved.

Thank you Jeannie, I appreciate that. I replied to your comment below - I just had some time to go through comments on my blog this week so I apologise for the double response.

Hello! I am new to the app and still figuring out all the in's and out's. So far I am liking it, but 1 question. Is there a way to save items that I have barcode scanned for future use?

Hi Tammy, there is currently a "recents" option in the Planner. What you are referring to is favorites & recently scanned products which is what we are working on now and will release in a future update. Thanks for using our app!

Hi Martina,
I purchased the android app in 2015 and also paid for all the in app recipes. I am delighted that all existing users get premium free forever.
However, my Android app which still says 'basic' has not updated to the premium and the version still says Android 2.71
I have downloaded the newest version 2.90 but I am still not getting premium access.

Hi Leslie, I think you may have sent us a support email? If you did, we will get back to you in the next couple of days.
To remove unnecessary complexities we decided to discontinue KetoDiet Basic (both iOS and Android). This means that everyone who has KetoDiet Basic will still receive new content (articles and recipes) for free - but they will not be able to get any future updates. I'm happy to give you a free copy of KetoDiet if you can send us an email at (if you did no need to send it). Please make sure you first create a free account in KetoDiet Basic (the app you have now) under Profile > Data Sync to be able to sync all of your data after you download KetoDiet. Thank you!

Hi Martina,
I feel a bit frustrated and confused.
As one of your very early and loyal customers I still cannot access the premium content.
.... I have done All that you asked.
1) to send an email to
2) I already have an account to sync from/to which is
3) I have downloaded KetoDiet  2.90 (Android)
My account is not syncing in fact it is asking me to pay for Premium.
Just to recap:
1) December 2015 I purchased Ketodiet Basic
2) I also paid for ALL the IN-App recipes (and the Premium meal plans) well before they became free.
3) October 16th 2017 I paid the difference and the fees for the Upgrade for Android users.
Please Advise,

Dear Leslie, I just talked to Nikos who is handling your support e-mail and they have already responded to your questions offering the only viable options. Please, reply to the email and let us know what you would like to do. If you post comments on the blog or in the Facebook group, our support team can't help - you need to reply to the support email that we send to you. Thank you!

I'm having same exact issue. I too was an early adopter. I paid for the all in app plus add on and mine isn't syncing either. It is very frustrating. I don't want my money back. I LOVE the app. I just want it back.

Hi Jeannie, I believe we messaged on Facebook - Nikos will be handling your request. Thank you!

  Yep he just issued me my 5.99 back. I wanted my app back. Google play states I last used it on Sept 29 2019. I like YOUR app better than the major one that I paid for 1 year. A few years ago it was stated that the people that had supported you by BUYING the program were in for life. I get if you cant roll us over but can you just add us back into your database?  I'm an early adopter and even wrote on your page how I thought it was insane that people complained about the very low cost of your program. I'm also listed as a beta tester and it's in my family library so maybe it can be accessed that way? I have syncing enabled and it says it's still syncing to my area. Maybe that's the real issue. A possible glitch?

Hi Jeannie, we would love to do that but this is not possible. Sadly it's not a glitch - it is the way Android works and we don't have other options (or not at this point).
We were able to move people who used the app recently - and we gave it a few months.
We only had a few cases like yours (5 or 6) - this was not an issue for the vast majority of our users who use the app regularly. If we could give you a free copy, we would, but Android does not enable developers to give free copies of an app that has subscription so for those we could only issue refunds.
You can still use the free Android version - your data is still there but you won't have access to the premium features.
I know you once mentioned you also had an iPad - on iOS this is not an issue in case you want to use that instead but I think that this has been mentioned by Nikos when he was offering the available options.

Hi Jeannie,
Nikos did reply to me. He said "Martina's post was for the iOS app, the Android app switched to subscription in late December 2019". ( in my opinion that was not made clear in the post, nor was I aware of Android moving to subscription)
He also said "If we could offer the app for free to affected Android users of course we would. But on Android is not technically possible". ( again that was not clear in the post)
He also said "For any Android users that didn't launch the app during the 2 month migration period we can only offer refunds". ( I use the app daily on iOS and it syncs to my Android, so I don't understand)
Like you, I LOVE the App and do not want a refund.
I have tried to explain my unfortunate circumstance but with no luck... so I guess I  will just have to accept their explanation.

Hi Leslie, as I explained to Jeannie, this is not up to us. It's out of our control. We totally understand everything you say but there isn't anything we can do - as much as we want to. Unless Android enables developers to give away free subscriptions (like they do promo codes for paid apps), we can't change this.
I understand this may be confusing but it was a very complicated transition (managing 2 platforms at the same time) and we did our best. I can see why it may not have worked on Android in your case. The key term here is "launched" - if it synced with iOS but you did not launch it on Android, the Android app did not get the "launch" message and did not know that you are using it. The app only syncs if you launch it.

Hi I had purchased basic keto app years ago but tried to sync it with new keto app unfortunately with no luck is still asking me to pay premium? Do I have to pay premium even if I bought keto basic app

Hi Sabina, to remove unnecessary complexities we decided to discontinue KetoDiet Basic. This means that everyone who has KetoDiet Basic will still receive new content (articles and recipes) for free - but they will not be able to get any future updates. I'm happy to give you a free copy of KetoDiet if you can send us an email at Please make sure you first create a free account in KetoDiet Basic (the app you have now) under Profile > Data Sync to be able to sync all of your data after you download KetoDiet. Thank you!

I have the premium version and I do like it except I hate working on a small screen. Is there anyway I could run this app on a PC? I find I just go to the most the time on my PC. I would really like to use the tracking portion but the screens on my android tablet is small and it runs slow.

Thank you so much Sherry! Our app is currently iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android only but we are working on more platforms. this will take a little longer as we have to do a lot of work to prepare this feature.

Dunno about the iOS version, but there are Android emulators that you can run on PCs and you can use those to run the Android version of the app. I used Andy, but it requires VMWare, and my installation of that was broken by a Windows update. There are other emulators out there though.

Hi Heather,
none of these emulators/VMs are supported by Google and most rely on patched app binaries which are distributed outside Google Play without the knowledge or permission of developers. You have to wonder why would anyone invest significant time & effort to patch apps and what sort of payloads they may include in the patched binaries.
I get the fun aspect of emulating a mobile device on a desktop pc but there are way too many downsides to using them and we strongly discourage their use.
We definitely wouldn't support them as it's impossible to do so.

Just getting the hang of this ap. I just got in by the skin on my teeth. 10 more days and it would have been too late for the premium. I love the site and the facebook group.
Thank You so darn much.

Thank you so much Jacques! Any feedback, requests etc let me know!

Hi Martina!
First of all, I would like to say how much I have thoroughly enjoyed your site! Without hesitation I upgraded to the premium a little while back. Just today I was able to get my husband on the keto bandwagon. I currently have a premium subscription with you all. I would just like to clarify, does this mean I will no longer have to pay the yearly updates or will this still occur? If I don't, how do I handle this with the Google play store?

Thank you so much for using our app Rey!
To answer your question, I'll need to know: Did you purchase the subscription (by selecting a monthly, quarterly or annual subscription) or did you purchase the app before it became free a few days ago (on iOS) or a few weeks ago (on Android)?
If you paid for the app to download on Google Play, it was just a one-off payment. If you paid after you downloaded the app and selected a subscription, it is a recurrent payment and will repeat based on the plan you selected (monthly, quarterly or annually).
You will be able to see whether you are subscribed or paid once on your Google Play statement. Please let me know if this help or if I can help with anything else!

Ahh, thanks for the clarification. Apparently I purchased a yearly subscription & got in too late. 😂 I have Android & purchased March 15th. I appreciate your time in getting back with me so soon! YOU are AWESOME! 😁

Please disregard my previous post.  I forgot there was a charge to get the app.  I didn't pay that, just the subscription.  If I'm understanding correctly, in order to get all of the full benefits a subscription would still be necessary! 😊

Thank you for your kind words! That is correct. You could still use the free version if you only want basic food tracking, however, most of any new features that we are working on now will only be applied to the subscription version.

I have been keto for around 10 years now & have tried so many different websites for recipes but found yours a long time ago when you paid for each recipe bundle & have found that your recipes are the tastiest! I have so many favourites! Thanks for your efforts & hard work.

Thank you so much Anne, you are very kind!

Good day,
how would I know if I am upgraded since I am still seeing basic

Hi Phyllis, to remove unnecessary complexities we decided to discontinue KetoDiet Basic. This means that everyone who has KetoDiet Basic will still receive new content (articles and recipes) for free - but they will not be able to get any future updates. I'm happy to give you a free copy of KetoDiet if you can send us an email at Please make sure you first create a free account in KetoDiet Basic (the app you have now) under Profile > Data Sync to be able to sync all of your data after you download KetoDiet. Thank you!

Hello Martina, I have been using your app for a few years now and was one of they lucky ones to obtain the app during your monthly giveaways. Will I be eligible for this new app and will it work on my old iPad. The current app certainly works fine.
Looking forward to your response,

Hi Mark, absolutely! Everyone who downloaded our app (even by using a promo code) will never pay for anything. All updates will be included for free, forever. If you haven't got the latest update, you can download it. We also included a "restore purchases" link just in case there are any issues related to retrieving the purchase receipt from the app store. I hope you enjoy all the new updates! 😊
Please keep in mind that with very old devices, some of the future updates may not be available.

I have a question about the update - I used the app for years from back in the days when you had to pay for recipe bundles. So if lets say i changed phones and had to install the app over again, will I have to subscribe to the premium to get full access to it? Or is it linked to the ketodiet blog account?

Hi Steliana, thank you so much for using our app! As long as you use the same iTunes account (or Google Play account) you will always have full access.
The only exception would be if you switched between iOS and Android. These two platforms do not enable sharing app purchases between iOS and Android as they go through their separate payment systems.

I've been using your app for almost 2 years and I can't thank you enough for everything it has done for me. I know there's a lot of hard work! Thank you so much for your generosity. The best app even and the only app I will recommend to anyone for lchf living!

Thank you Susie, I appreciate your support!

This is AWESOME news Martina! Thank you so much for making your app free. I'll be recommending it to all of my clients. I already have your app and have been using it for years!

Thank you Madeline, I'm glad you enjoy using our app!

I can’t THANK YOU enough for “grandfathering” your loyal users in!!! I’ve loved your app for many years and I’m so thrilled to continue using it!! Thank you thank you!

Thank you so much for your kind words! I'm so excited about what's coming next 😊

I agree wholeheartedly
thank you