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What is KetoDiet

KetoDiet combines the health benefits of the paleo and primal diets with the weight loss efficiency of the ketogenic diet. What this means in simple terms is that all unhealthy, inflammatory, gut-disrupting, hormone-unbalancing foods are to be avoided during the challenge. It's like a super-healthy detox that is based on eating REAL food naturally low in carbs that will eliminate cravings and accelerate your weight loss.

Is it good for me?

  • Absence of insulin spikes will help you shed extra pounds of body fat
  • Experience fewer cravings and enjoy healthy food
  • Improve your digestion without all the grains, legumes and sugar
  • Improve your gut health and reduce chronic inflammation in your body
  • Get keto-adapted to improve your sleep cycle and regain energy
  • Break through a weight loss plateau
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